All Carolinas Meal 2016

Aug.31, 2016

On August 25th, NC State Dining presented the annual All Carolinas Meal at Fountain Dining Hall. This special event was the first of many for the year and I cannot wait to taste the exciting new things the dining staff has in store! The All Carolinas Meal is a way for us to celebrate the start of the school year with local foods from around the Carolinas. This year the meal featured a variety of dishes including black eyed pea salad, local briskets, Carolina smoked barbecue, homemade jams and biscuits, roasted garden vegetables, and many more.  


On my plate, I was able to try a wide variety of the food present.  My entire plate was gluten and dairy free. The only dish that was not 100% allergen friendly, containing nuts and eggs, was the broccoli salad, which I have to add was one of my favorites.  This has been my fourth time going to the All Carolinas Meal and I have to say this one was most definitely my favorite.



I hope everyone enjoyed the event as much as I did. If you have any questions or concerns, you can email Lisa Eberhart at  ljeberha@ncsu.edu.

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