Dining Dollars

Dining Dollars are flexible funds that augment the meals component of your plan. Consider it “bonus” credits.

Use Dining Dollars to:

  • Buy extra meals or snacks if a meal has already been used during a meal period or if you run out of meal-plan meals.
  • Cover the difference if you spend more than the credit at a campus restaurant or cafe.
  • Make purchases at our convenience stores and vending machines.
  • Buy a meal for a family member or friend when they come to visit.

Choose from 100, 200, or 300 Dining Dollars. You can elect to buy more later, but be aware that we will automatically enroll you for the same amount in the spring unless you alert us before January 31.

Effective July 1, 2016, Dining Dollars will roll over from semester to semester during the student’s enrollment, but will not be refundable after the semester in which they were purchased ends.

Dining Dollars are required for all plans except the Commuter/Apartment and Athletic plans. 100 Dining Dollars per semester is often plenty for the larger plans, but they make a great complement to the other plans to cover smaller purchases and extra meals if you run out.



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