How Do I Choose?

We offer a variety of plans so you can create a program that works for your unique needs. Below are a few dining profiles. Find one that best matches up to your dining needs:

On-Campus Students

I want a plan that will pretty much cover all my dining needs.

If that description fits you, consider the Freedom Pass Plan.

The Freedom Pass Plan is especially attractive because you can access our all-you-can-eat dining halls anytime* in addition to having 10 meal credits a week to eat at the restaurants and cafes during our 28 meal periods. And remember, Dining Halls aren’t just for meals; you can also just pop in for a piece of fruit, an ice cream cone or a cup of coffee without using a meal credit or dining dollars.

* Freedom Pass plan holders can enter the dining hall every 30 minutes

I want to eat most of my meals on campus, but I want some flexibility to eat other places.

Consider the 14 or 12 meals-per-week plans.  These will give you good coverage at an attractive per-meal cost. Consider adding 100 to 200 Dining Dollars to cover smaller purchases, like a simple cup of coffee or snack that would not warrant using a whole meal credit.

These plans allow you to use a meal during any of the 28 meal periods each week, either in a dining hall or in a restaurant/cafe using a meal credit.

I want to eat some of my meals on campus, but I plan to be away on the weekends and eat other places. 

Start by looking at the 10 meals-per-week or 180 meals-per-semester plans. These allow you to use a meal during any of the 28 meal periods each week, either in a dining hall or in a restaurant/cafe using a meal credit.  With the 10 meals-per-week plan, you need to use them all each week. With the 180 plan, you can spread them out over the course of the semester.  They can be used consecutively in the dining halls or once per meal period in the restaurants/cafes.  The 180 plan averages roughly 10 meals per week.

These plans are also great for students who don’t eat a lot at one meal and would rather dedicate plan meals to one or two big meals a day and use Dining Dollars to cover everything else.

I live in Wolf Village or Wolf Ridge.

Since these are considered apartments, you are eligible for the Commuter/Apartment plan, which is $750 Dining Dollars that come with a 5% discount at the register.  Of course you are welcome to choose from any of the other plans, too, depending on your needs.

Off-Campus Students

You still need to eat while you’re on campus, right?  Consider the Commuter/Apartment plan, 10 meals-per-week plan or 130 meals-per-semester plan. These plans provide enough coverage for major meals during the week. Make a selection based on how often you will be on campus or if your residence–University Towers, for example–offers a plan that could be complemented with an on-campus plan. The 130 plan averages out to almost 7 meals per week, respectively.

More questions?

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