Sustainable take out from campus dining halls.

How does it work?

1) Buy an eco-friendly container for $3.50 (a one-time charge). When you come to the dining hall for a meal, tell the cashier you want to Pack&Go before you pay for your meal.
Pack&Go take-out container
2) Fill it up. Your meal must fit in the container. We’ll give you a cup and lid for soup or a drink. You can also take a piece of loose fruit.

3) Rinse it and exchange it. We’ll give you a new clean container or a token for the next time you want to enjoy Pack&Go.


Q: Do I have to be on a meal plan to use Pack&Go?
A: No! Pack&Go is for everyone.

Q: I don’t want to carry around a box until the next time I want take-out. What should I do?
A: Rinse it out and exchange it for a token you can stow in your wallet. Be careful – if you lose it, you’ll have to buy a new container.

Q: Can I eat in the dining hall AND get a take-out meal too?
A:  Yes and no. If you are on a meal plan, take out works like equivalency, meaning you can only do it once per meal period.   If you choose to get take-out, it’s expected that you will go through the line, fill your container and go.

Freedom Pass and Block Plan Holders Only: If you eat in the dining hall, 30 minutes passes and you have not used an equivalency that meal period, then you are free to use the take out program.

All other plan holders must wait until the next meal period to access a meal at any location.

For more details, ask a cashier.

The finer points of Pack&Go

NC State Dining is pleased to offer the take-out program – Pack&Go – in our campus dining halls! This program provides a take-out option for our dining halls, works with current meal-plans and supports the university’s goals for sustainability.

By purchasing the box, you agree to abide by the rules of the program described below:

  • To participate in the program, a customer purchases a container for $3.50 at any dining hall. The container is to be used immediately, then brought back to the dining hall and traded for a clean container each time he or she wants to use the take-out option.
  • In the event that a container is returned but a take-out meal is not requested at that time, a token will be issued that can be redeemed later for take-out. Customers will also be provided with a disposable cup/lid set, and, if requested, a pre-packaged spork/napkin/salt/pepper kit.
  • Customers may fill their containers with the foods of their choice, but the lid must be able to close. Since most fruit does not fit into the container, all customers are allowed to take-out one piece as a part of their meal.
  • Take-out will be available to both meal-plan and walk-in customers at the customer service desk. Customers must request take-out before the card is swiped. Customers may not utilize take-out and consume a meal inside the dining hall on the same card swipe or payment.
  • Customers who choose to turn in their container and take a token are responsible for the token. If the customer loses the token, and wants to get take-out again, the replacement cost is $3.50.
  • The take-out meal at the dining hall uses the meal equivalency for that meal period. Students on the Block and Freedom Pass unlimited meal plans may continue to eat multiple meals inside the dining hall, but only one take-out meal is available at the dining halls per meal period on all meal plans.
  • Take-out is not available during theme meals.
  • All food items taken out should be consumed or placed under refrigeration within two hours. Any saved refrigerated food should be consumed or disposed of with in three days.

About our Containers

NC State Dining uses reusable and recyclable containers from G.E.T. Enterprises, Inc.

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