Vegetarian Eats: Vegetarian Burgers at the C-Store!

Jan.22, 2014

I recently decided to try some of the vegetarian options offered in the freezer section of the C-store in Talley. I found these small, vegetarian burgers that looked pretty tasty so I picked them up and decided to give them a try.

I was not disappointed! The burgers actually closely resemble a real burger and do not taste like other veggie burgers, which usually taste like a very dense vegetable patty. I’ve tried many different types of veggie burgers in the past, all of which I have liked, but these really come close to emulating a real-burger taste.

I would highly recommend these even if you are not a vegetarian! They can provide a more healthy alternative to traditional beef sliders, since each slider (including the bun) is only 150 calories with 3g of fat, which is far less than a typical burger. Give them a try if you are looking for a similar burger taste without the meat or if you just want to taste something new!

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