You eat it, you log it!

Feb.28, 2013

Counting calories sounds tedious, but using My Fitness Pal makes it easy! You can create an account by downloading the app onto your smart phone or going to the My Fitness Pal website. If you need help, there will be people in the dining hall all this week (during lunch) to help you. And if you sign up for a My Fitness Pal account, you will receive a One Change prize!

Why should you use My Fitness Pal? There are so many more reasons other than just counting calories.

Paying attention to the types of calories you’re consuming can help you stay on track. Eating 400 calories of pancakes, bacon and syrup is a lot different than 400 calories of a spinach, mushroom, green pepper omelet, strawberries, yogurt and a slice of whole wheat toast.

Without even knowing it, you may be eating way more sugar, carbs, saturated fat or sodium than you should be each day. Using My Fitness Pal, you can see the breakdown of nutrients in the foods you log in and if you are under or over your total for the day.

Did you go on a walk or go to the gym? You can add exercise to My Fitness Pal to see how many calories you are burning!

I love using the app on my iPhone because I customized a plan based on my weight, height, age, gender and weight goals (whether it be to lose, gain, or maintain your weight, My Fitness Pal can help you determine your calorie needs!).

My plan tells me how many calories (and how much of each nutrient) I should aim for each day.

I didn’t even mention the best part yet! You can find the exact foods served in the dining halls here at NC State in My Fitness Pal. Having nutrition information at the tip of your fingers makes it so much easier to see how many calories and nutrients are in the foods you choose in the dining hall.

All you have to do is type is ‘NC State’ before the item you are looking for and it will bring up the items from the dining halls!

As part of your One Change, make sure to ‘LOG IT’ this week to track how many calories you are eating each day!


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