COVID-19-Related Meal Plan Refund Details

NC State, in accordance with guidance from the UNC System Office, will provide prorated refunds for your unused housing and dining plans this semester (Spring 2020). Applicable credits will be posted to your student account. While our goal is to have all refunds credited to student accounts by the end of April 2020, because costs of specific housing and dining plans vary per student, we ask for your patience as the university calculates and processes reimbursements.

In order for a refund to be processed to your student account, you must complete a direct deposit request. This is done by signing into MyPack Portal and selecting the Student Accounts tile. Click the Direct Deposit button from the menu to complete the request. If you have any questions, please email

Dining meal plan refunds are prorated to cover the 48 days from March 23–May 9, 2020. Refunds are not available after April 23, 2020 (last day of class).

Meal Plan Name Meal Plan Cost Meal Plan and Tax Refund Amount Plan Value/Day
Deluxe Plan $2,200 $906 $17.60
Everyday Plan $1,995 $822 $15.96
Weekday Plan $1,750 $721 $14.00
Block 150 Plan $1,355 $558 $10.84
Athletic 170 Meals $1,550 $638 $12.40
Athletic 150 Meals $1,370 $564 $10.96
Athletic 120 Meals $1,105 $455 $8.84
Athletic 80 Meals $745 $307 $5.96


For graduating seniors and graduate students, Commuter Plan balances will be reimbursed in full. For returning students, Commuter Plan balances will carry forward to the fall 2020 term.

For graduating seniors and graduate students with spring semester dining dollar balances associated with their meal plans, the balance will be refunded in full. Returning student dining dollar balances will be carried forward to the fall semester.

Thank you for your patience as we work through the refund process. We hope that the remainder of your semester in a virtual learning environment goes well. Please reach out to for Dining questions.