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How Do I Choose?

Need advice on which plan to choose? Perhaps you can identify with one of these examples:

Students living on campus

I plan on eating most of my meals on campus and want a plan that covers all of my dining needs.

Consider the Flex 800 plan. It will give you flexibility between the dining halls and the restaurants in one convenient plan.

I plan to eat mostly at the dining halls. 

Go for the Flex 500 plan. Plus, you’ll save a little money, too.

Students living in an apartment, on or off-campus

I don’t want to cook and plan to be on campus a lot.

The Flex 500 plan best fits your needs. Use it for meals and snacks, and you can even grab a to-go meal before heading back to your apartment.

I would like the option to eat some meals while I am on campus but would like the flexibility to decide from week to week.

Consider the Block 120 or Commuter plan. The Block 120 averages out to 7 meals a week, and the Commuter plan will provide 5-7 depending on how you spend your funds. The Commuter Plan also offers a 5% discount at the register.

Student-Athletes on a roster

Please consult your coach on which meal plan to choose.

Making Your Selection

Once you’ve decided on a plan, submit your selection via our online form. No payment method is required when you sign up; just make your selection, and your plan will be billed through the cashier’s office. Note that this is not an automatic process. It may take several days before your selection shows up on your bill. If you make your selection prior to the start of the semester, your plan will be active the first day. If you make it after the semester has started, your plan will be active within 48 hours of completing the online form.


Worried you’ve selected the wrong plan? Meal plan selections can be changed until September 12 for the fall semester and January 25 for the spring semester.