We Are Working To Keep You Healthy


NC State Dining is a recognized leader in college and university dining, and our service response to COVID-19 reflects that leadership.

We understand that you are making a lot of decisions about your fall academic semester. In regards to NC State Dining, we can share two primary commitments, both of which are true no matter the circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic when you return to campus.

We commit to:

  1. Keeping the health and wellness of our campus patrons and employees as our first priority.
  2. Providing the most convenient, satisfying and nutritionally sound dining program possible while adhering to required and recommended guidance for food service sanitation, health, and safety.

Here’s what you can expect when you dine across campus.

Last updated July 23, 2020. Note that we will continue to make adjustments based on the latest information related to virus spread, university policies and CDC/State of North Carolina guidelines.

  • Additional hand sanitizing stations are available in or near all dining locations.
  • We are using single-use disposable items, such as plates, cups, and cutlery/napkin packs throughout retail operations. Residential will use single-use cutlery and the option dining in will be dishware or reusable take-out.
  • Beverages will be self-service with single-use cups. We will provide high frequency disinfecting and will also go strawless with a new sustainable sip lid.
  • We have installed Plexiglas to provide additional barriers between customers and staff.
  • Our staff is serving all guests to reduce the risk of spreading illness. They are also wearing masks and gloves.
  • Because students will not be able to customize salads, etc. we will be offering more pre-packaged options that we know our students love to increase the speed of service and satisfaction.
  • We have removed all condiments and napkins from tables. Condiments are available in single-use packs.
  • We have added additional staff whose sole purpose is to clean and disinfect common spaces throughout the day.
  • We are going cashless and have added touchless payment for meal plans/All Campus through the ID card and credit cards.
  • We are expanding mobile ordering to create 100% mobile-only locations to reduce lines, increase safety and speed of service.
  • Dining rooms will have reduced capacity to approximately 50% with 6ft between tables and will adjust to meet the State of North Carolina requirements. We have added six large tents across campus to provide additional seating. These tents are located near Fountain Dining Hall, Case Dining Hall, Hill Library, Robertson Hall, Hunt Library/Wolf Ridge and Brooks/Kamphoefner. Tents will be equipped with wi-fi, lighting and fans.
  • We will be expanding the use of meal credits to new locations with a greater variety to give students more options to use their meal plan.
  • Should students require quarantine, we will work with Health Services to deliver meals during the quarantine period. More details can be found here >>

How you can help:

  • Use hand sanitizer when entering dining spaces.
  • Face coverings are required in public spaces on campus as of July 1, 2020. Wear your face covering when you are getting food and only take it off when you are eating.
  • Download the Grubhub App and OnCampus App. You will need these to pay in many locations (Grubhub) and view menus before dining (OnCampus).
  • Consider dining at non-peak times. For example, plan to dine before 6 pm or after 7:30 pm.
  • Follow NC State Dining on social media to get updated date information, changes, and ways we are adapting to serve you based on the latest guidelines.
  • We will conduct thorough cleaning but for added safety and comfort will be able self-serve cleaning supplies to wipe down your space while you are dining with us.
  • Download our handy cheat sheet featuring a campus dining map (including tents), location reference guide with meal credit rates and payment options (mobile or touchless) and more.

We know that COVID-19 will not go away quickly or on its own. We have to work together to limit the chance of spread. Together, we can work toward a day when we can experience NC State the way it’s meant to be experienced.

We encourage you to visit ncsu.edu/coronavirus to get the most timely updates on university guidelines and response.

Meal Plan Requirements/COVID-19 Adjustments


  • First-year students living in on-campus housing will still be expected to have a meal plan. Students who are assigned to University Towers can choose the Commuter/Apartment Plan if desired.
  • While the semester has been adjusted to start and end early, the length of the semester still covers the same amount of time.
  • If you have questions about accommodations, please contact us at wellfedwolfpack@ncsu.edu.


We’ve made a few modifications to our meal plans in light of our service changes. These include:

  • Due to limited seating in the dining halls, the limit on dining hall take-out meals for the Dining Hall Plan has been increased to one per meal period. To minimize crowding, however, we will extend the waiting period between accessing meals from 30 minutes to one hour
  • Bragaw C-Store will offer express hot meals during dinner that can be ordered through Grubhub using a meal credit. Other Convenience Stores offering meals through the Meal Credit program will be Shuttle Inn (Textiles) and select items at Talley Market via Grubhub.
  • All Core Meal Plan Holders (Dining Hall/Flex/Flex Plus) will receive one complimentary reusable takeout container.
  • 1887 Bistro will take Meal Credits for lunch in addition to dinner.
  • Masks, gloves and hand sanitizer will be available through vending machines, which take dining dollars and All Campus.

Nutrition and Dietary Restrictions

Menu transparency will continue to be very important to Dining. We will continue to help our guests navigate their options by posting nutritional and allergy information online and in all dining locations. Our nutrition team is available to ensure your dietary needs are being met. If you need assistance meeting your dietary needs or have suggestions to improve your experience, please reach out to us at wellfedwolfpack@ncsu.edu or visit wellfedwolfpack-tips.

How to Eat in the Dining Halls

Here’s how you can expect to eat in our dining halls. (You can also check out this Technician story from July 13, 2020 >>)


  • Wear your mask. Present your Wolfpack One Card and tap at the register to pay.
  • Sanitize your hands.
  • Each Core Meal Plan holder will have (1) free Green reusable container, accessed for the first time by presenting your ID Card. Use it, then bring it back to exchange for a clean container or a special carabiner entitling you to another green container on your next visit. If you lose the green container or carabiner, a charge of $2.50 will be applied to get a new one.
  • While navigating through the serving area, maintain physical distance.
  • Be mindful of the signage posted in each location. Entrances and exits will be marked appropriately. Directional signage is one way.

Get Ready To Be Served

Fountain Dining Hall

You can choose the more traditional dine-in options and be served on plates or the quick served to-go option in a reusable container. The options will be:

  • Home + Grill: Home-style plate, Grill option, salad and fruit
  • Home + Pasta: Home-style plate, Pasta option, salad and fruit
  • Home + Asian: Home-style plate, Asian style option, salad and fruit
  • Home + Sandwich Option: Home-style plate, Cold Sub or Wrap option, salad and fruit
  • Express Takeout option (made for convenience and quick service):
    • Home-style, Pasta, or Sub sandwich with a grab and go side salad or fruit option

You’ll also be able to get a beverage, salad, fruit and/or dessert. Limited seating will be available as seats are open. Tent locations will be able nearby for overflow.

Clark Dining Hall

Proceed through the one-way line and select (1) service line. Options are:

  • Two home-style + grill options
  • Pasta + Pizza

You’ll also be able to get a beverage, salad, fruit and/or dessert. If the dining hall exceeds capacity guidelines, take out will be the only option.

Case Dining Hall

Case Dining Hall is the smallest of all dining halls and will be set up for speed of service and safety. A predetermined meal box will be assembled for quick pickup. Customers will select from the following options:

  • Home-style meal
  • Hot off the Grill meal
  • A cold sandwich or salad entrée plate

All options will include a dessert and drink.

Menus will be posted online and at entrance to determine if this is the right solution for you.

You’ll also be able to get a beverage, salad, fruit and/or dessert.

If the dining hall exceeds capacity guidelines, take out will be the only option.

Getting Utensils/Condiments/Cup

  • All utensils are pre-packaged and contain a fork, knife, spoon, napkin, and salt & pepper packets.
  • You will also get a single-use cup with a lid to fill with the beverage of your choice.

When you are Done

  • Dishware: return to the dish accumulator.
  • Reusable container: empty before returning to exchange with the cashier.
  • Sanitize your hands on the way out.

How to Eat in the Restaurants and Cafes

To minimize time in line and expedite your order, many of our retail dining transactions will be made through Grubhub! Download the app to browse the menus and place your order. Pay through the app using your meal plan (Meal Credits or Dining Dollars), All Campus or a major credit card. Others will offer contactless payment.

Menu options in all locations will be streamlined for ease of ordering and service.

(Need to know more about how meal credits work, including the meal credit table? Click here >>)

Order through Grubhub only at the following locations:

  • Port City Java (All Locations)
  • Starbucks (Talley)
  • Tuffy’s Diner (Talley)
  • Los Lobos (Talley)
  • Jason’s Deli (Talley)
  • One Earth (Talley)
  • 1887 Bistro (Talley)*
  • Chick-fil-A (Atrium)
  • Smoothie U (Atrium)
  • On the Oval Food Hall (Wolf Ridge)

*1887 will accept meal credits during this time.

Order through Grubhub and at the point of sale with contactless payment:

  • Red Sky (Talley)
  • Common Grounds (Hunt Library)
  • Hill of Beans (Hill Library)
  • Terrace Dining Room (Lonnie Poole Golf Course)

Order through contactless payment only:

  • Zen Blossom (Atrium)
  • Brickyard (Atrium)
  • Sushi with Gusto (Atrium)
  • Wolfpack to Go (Atrium)

Ordering Chick-fil-A at the Atrium Food Court:

NC State students love Chick-fil-A, and we’re implementing new technology to move you through even more quickly!

  • Place your order through the App
  • Arrive at Chick-fil-A queuing line
  • Check-in as you pass the Grubhub kiosk and proceed forward through the line
  • Present your order number at the pick-up table and receive your order.

Closed Locations: The following locations will be closed until further notice.

  • State Club Restaurant (Park Alumni Center)
  • McKimmon Corner Cafe (will be replaced with vending machines)
  • Wolves Den Cafe (College of Vet Med)

How to Eat in the Convenience Stores (C-Stores)

  • All of our convenience stores will have contactless payment.
  • Bragaw C-Store, near Fountain Dining Hall, will pilot hot meal pick up using the meal credit program during dinner. Order and pick up through GrubHub.
  • Talley Market will offer a basic menu using the meal credit program. Order and pick up through Grubhub.

Enhanced Vending Machines

Roughly 100 campus vending machines will include masks, hand sanitizer and gloves that can be purchased using dining dollars, All Campus, credit cards or cash.

Alternative Service Options

NC State Dining is committed to providing a positive experience for all guests. Face coverings are required by all students, faculty, staff and visitors on campus. Those individuals with medically-related or religious accommodations that limit the use of face coverings should contact dining services at 919.513.5310 for alternative access options to the goods and services provided.

Questions or Concerns

If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at ncstatedining@ncsu.edu or call 919.513.5310. You can also use the university’s hotline at 919.513.3358. If you are in one of our units and need assistance, please ask for the manager on site.