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Complete the form and meal plan charges will be sent to the cashier’s office for billing. Meal plans are priced per session/semester and are eligible to be covered by scholarship or financial aid. Be sure to review your meal plan contract.


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Athletic 80 Meals-per-Semester - $710Athletic 120 Meals-per-Semester - $1050Athletic 150 Meals-per-Semester - $1305Athletic 170 Meals-per-Semester - $1475



Sign Up Now; Pay Later

No payment method is required when you sign up; just make your selection, and your plan will be billed through the cashier’s office. Note that this is not an automatic process. It may take several days before your selection shows up on your bill. If you make your selection prior to the start of the semester, your plan will be active the first day. If you make it after the semester has started, your plan will be active within 48 hours of completing the online form.

Meal Plans

The 2018-2019 meal plan registration is now open. Sign up online and you’ll be ready to swipe when you move on campus this fall.

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