NC State Dining Offers New Way to Navigate a Pork-Free Diet

Effective November 20, NC State is officially labeling food products that contain pork or pork by-products. The change in labeling comes about after NC State’s own Muslim Student Association expressed a need for knowing which foods on campus were safe to eat according to their religious preferences and which weren’t.

“Diners wishing to keep pork out of their diets can look for the pink pig icon next to menu listings that contain pork or pork by-products (i.e. gelatin),” said Lisa Eberhart, NC State director of nutrition and wellness. “They will also be able to see these icons online and at any NC State dining locations.”

Anyone with questions about the new pork icon can feel free to contact Eberhart. They can also ask any dining manager for assistance if they are unable to locate the pork-free menu items.

One of the most exciting new pork-free menu items is the meat-free omelette offered at any one of NC State Dining’s omelette stations. Students who desire meat-free or pork-free omelettes should ask for the red-handled pan upon approach. Students can also ask for a made-to-order, meat-free omelette made with the red-handled pan.