NC State Dining Response to Reduced Campus Population, August 26, 2020

NC State’s announcement that the campus population would be reduced even further is disappointing at best for you, as well as the staff at NC State Dining. Your health and safety, however, come first. Many of you have questions. Here are a few answers that may help:

I am seeking approval to stay on campus. If I do, what will be available to me? 

At present, students can continue to eat at locations such as Fountain and Clark Dining Halls, Talley, and the Oval. Visit for the most current information. 

Beginning September 7, we will consolidate Main and Centennial Campus dining services to Talley Student Union and On The Oval. Our core and block meal plan holders can use their “dining hall meal swipes” at One Earth, which will be converted into a dining hall-type operation. Of course, these locations will take meal credits (if applicable), dining dollars, commuter plan, All Campus, and major credit cards, as well. 

If I stay on campus, am I still required to have a meal plan?

If you are a first-year student, yes, but you can elect to switch to the Block 170 or commuter plan. Please go on our website to request a change.

What if I am assigned to isolation or quarantine housing? Will I get meals? 

We will continue to provide a bag of non-perishables upon move-in that includes beverages and snacks, plus you will receive two meals per day. Click here for details.

I am moving home and want to cancel my meal plan. What do I do? 

Click here to cancel your plan. Make sure you are signed up for direct deposit through the MyPack Portal (Student Accounts tile) to receive any refund owed to you.

If I decide to stay in Raleigh but not on campus, can I purchase or use my commuter plan? 

Yes, you can keep a commuter plan or use existing dining dollars. Plan dollars purchased in the fall semester will roll over to the spring semester and expire in May. You can also use All Campus, major credit card or mobile payment.

I am a returning student and had rollover dining dollars from last spring. Can I still use them?

Rollover balances for commuter plans and dining dollars will continue to be available for use during the fall and spring semester.

I am graduating at the end of the Fall 2020 semester. Can I get a refund on my unspent dining dollars or commuter plan? 

Yes, please contact the Wolfpack One Card Office to request a refund at the end of the semester. Make sure you are signed up for direct deposit through the MyPack Portal (Student Accounts tile) to receive any refund owed to you. Students officially withdrawing from the university in Fall 2020 can also request a refund.

There are recipes I love on campus. Can I get them and try to make them at home? 

Absolutely! Follow us on Instagram @NCStateDining where we will be posting recipes and how-to videos for all of your on-campus favorites. You can also email us at

The team at NC State Dining hope you stay healthy and well, and we encourage you to do your best in your courses despite all that is happening. You are more resilient than you know. Stay focused, work hard, and we’ll be here when you return. Together or apart, we will always remain a Wolfpack.