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On-the-go? Try Pack&Go!

Our sustainable takeout program allows you to fill a reusable, recyclable container with your dining hall menu favorites and take with you. There’s no rush on returning the container; bring it back to a dining hall at your convenience and we’ll hand you a clean container or carabiner for your next Pack&Go take-out meal. Pack&Go is available at Fountain, Clark and Case Dining Halls only.

Due to COVID-19, we are placing an emphasis on takeout at the dining halls. Students can eat in one of our outdoor tents or take their food back to their room.

How It Works

  1. Tell the cashier you want to Pack&Go before you pay for your dining hall meal.
  2. Due to COVID-19, we are offering the container for free to our Core meal plan holders (Flex, Flex Plus and Dining Hall). Others can purchase the container for a $2.50 one-time fee.
  3. Receive a carabiner from the cashier, then enter the serving area.
  4. The server will fill your container. Want food from a different serving line? Spin through the lobby and get in another line.
  5. Grab a cup to fill your drink and some cutlery to go. You’re all set!
  6. Bring it back. Rinse and exchange your container the next time you come to the dining hall. You’ll receive a clean container or token for your next Pack&Go purchase.

The Finer Points of Pack&Go

  • The Pack&Go program is available for all guests, including students, faculty, staff and non-meal plan holders.
  • Guests must request takeout before their card is swiped and are not allowed to utilize take-out and consume a meal inside the dining hall on the same card swipe or payment.
  • In a typical school year, Pack&Go would count as a meal credit. But because we are encouraging take out, we have relaxed this rule. Students using their meal plan will use a meal swipe or dining dollars to purchase their dining hall take-out meal.
  • Guests may fill the container with the menu items of their choice, but the lid must be able to close. A piece of fruit can be carried out in addition to their container.
  • Pack&Go is not available during dining hall special events or theme meals.