NC State Dining Wants You!

Discover the benefits of working with NC State Dining and enjoy competitive wages, flexible schedules and convenient locations while on duty.

Applying is easy!

Employment Opportunities for Students

We are currently accepting applications for a variety of student employment opportunities.

Click here to view our job board of all available student positions. Apply today!

Employment Opportunities for Non-Students

Non-Students, visit go.ncsu.edu/dining-jobs to learn more about opportunities available to you.


What kinds of positions are available with NC State Dining?

We have front-of-the-house positions that are customer-service oriented and include baristas, retail restaurant staff, catering wait NC State Dining employees on the jobstaff, bus staff, cashiers, dining hall line servers, clerical staff, and convenience store clerks. Other positions include salad prep, dish room attendants, stockroom helpers, and cooks.

I’m a student. How can I be sure that I will not be scheduled for classes when I am scheduled for work?

We offer flexibility in scheduling hours since our dining operations are open continual, long hours. We can schedule students for 2-, 4-, 6-, 8-hour shifts, and on weekends we can offer 10-hour shifts. We plan your work schedule around your class schedule.

What is the pay like?

Our wages are competitive with other food service jobs in the area. We offer a system of pay increases for student employees based upon longevity and work performance. We offer our best wages for weekend hours.

Is there room for advancement in NC State Dining?

We offer the opportunity for both students and professional employees to advance.

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