Dietitian’s Dish


Dietitian's dishWe’re Dishin’ Out Healthy!

Many of us want to make healthy food choices, but are easily derailed by selections that look appetizing, yet are not nutritionally balanced to eat on a regular basis. Therefore, it can become overwhelming trying to figure out what we should and shouldn’t be eating. The Dietitian’s Dish offers a solution to those who want to eat healthy without sacrificing taste.

When you visit the NC State dining halls on Mondays, look for the Dietitian’s Dish table and you’ll learn how to make a healthy and delicious meal selected by our nationally recognized dietitian, Lisa Eberhart!

How It Works

1. Visit the Dining Halls on Mondays to speak with Dietetic Interns and Dining Diplomats about why it’s so delicious and good for you.
2. Grab a plate and follow the numbered Dietitian’s Dish identifiers in the serving area to create your own nutritious meal.
3. Check out the Monthly Dietitian’s Dish Calendar to learn the suggested meal for any meal any day of the week!
4. Like our suggestion? Tag @ncstatedining on Instagram or Twitter with a photo of your dish for a chance to win a prize!

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