Convenience Stores

C-StoresWhat do you do when you run out of items like deodorant or snacks for your room, and you don’t expect a care package from home until next week? Or what about a drink and a snack between classes? Simple! Just grab yourWolfpack One Card, go to one of our campus C-Stores, and use your Dining Dollars or AllCampus account to get what you need.

Maybe you feel like eating in your room from time to time. The C-Store has a wide array of microwaveable items and other quick meals that can be prepared easily. Our C-Store locations also have a selection of vegan-friendly options. Dining Dollars and AllCampus accounts are always accepted, even if you are purchasing something other than food items.

Choose Wolf Approved

Wolf Approved logoMarking selected  items “Wolf Approved” is our way of helping you identify the healthier items on campus. Look out for the paw print icon to keep you on track. Keep reading to learn how we determined which of our  items are wolf approved.
Look for the wolf approved paw print on the menu boards and in the c-stores, vending machines and on the Dining website.


C-Store Locations

Wherever you live on campus, there will be a C-Store nearby, with a friendly staff waiting to serve you:

Main Campus — East

Honors Village C-Store »

D-Cafe »

Main Campus — West

Bragaw C-Store »

Wolf Village C-Store »

Centennial Campus

Shuttle Inn Café »

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