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NC State Dining provides limited and targeted sponsorship of programs and initiatives on the NC State campus.

Our criteria for sponsorship is as follows:

  • Must be a university affiliated department or group.
  • Must have a broad impact on the university or have a focus on nutrition, sustainability, hunger or diversity.
  • We will support organizations with smaller contributions such as door prizes with advance notice provided our annual inventory has not been depleted.

If you would like to apply for sponsorship, please complete the form below at least 30 days in advance of your event. For larger events that require our participation, a longer lead time is appreciated.

2019-2020 Meal Plans

Select your fall meal plan now and don’t worry the rest of the summer! We’ll be here ready to serve you. If you’re here for Summer School or Summer Start, select one of our summer plans.

Questions about what meal plan to pick for the fall? Look for info in the mail or view the online guide. We will also present at the family orientation and have staff available during lunch to answer your questions. You are always welcome to call or email, too.

View Meal Plans