Grubhub Online Ordering

Ordering at the majority of our restaurants and cafes is processed through the Grubhub app.  Campus diners should download Grubhub and become familiar with the menus and options.

Download the App

Follow these simple steps and get ready to dine at your favorite on-campus locations.

  • Using your mobile device, download the app
  • Create a Grubhub account.
  • Go to My Grubhub > Settings > Campus Dining > Choose NC State.
  • Add your Unity ID number to directly link your meal plan or All Campus account (payroll deduction for staff) to Grubhub orders.
  • Pick default payment source.

Ready to order?

  • Pay through the app using your Dining Dollars, All Campus account, payroll deduction or major credit card.*
  • Once your order is ready, Grubhub will send you a text notification. 
*If paying with your student meal plan, meals are deducted when the One Card office receives transaction notification from Grubhub, not at the point of order. If you have any concerns with your transaction, contact the Wolfpack One Card at 919.515.3090.


One Card not linking?

If you are having difficulties linking your meal plan or campus card to your Grubhub account, try removing it as a form of payment and adding it back. If you continue to have trouble, confirm your meal plan or payroll deduction is active and contact the One Card office.


Not seeing your discount?

Commuter plan and payroll deduction discounts are not reflected on Grubhub receipts. Log into your OneCard account to view the discount and applied taxes.


International student studying abroad?

Scan for assistance:



Downloading the app on a foreign mobile device:

Within your app store account, update your country to USA.

Using the app:

The Grubhub app only accepts USA-based phone numbers, as Grubhub is not set up to text or communicate internationally. However, as a suggestion, Google Voice is a free telephone service that allows users based in the US to sign up for a web-based US phone number. For more information about Google Voice, visit

Still need help?

Contact the One Card office at 919.515.3090 or