A Sweet Relief: NC State Dining offers students a sugary reward as the semester closes

On December 5, hundreds of students took a break from studying for exams to form a long, winding line outside of Fountain Dining Hall as they waited for a sugary surprise. With the end of the semester in sight, students were busier than ever and in need of an opportunity to wind down. 

NC State Dining came to the rescue with a “Sweet Relief” filled with delicious treats and other fun. Resembling something out of Candy Land, Fountain Dining Hall was filled with an artistic display of desserts made by Dining’s skilled team of pastry chefs. Colorful, swirling visuals designed by the department’s marketing team lined the walls. 

Students had almost 30 varieties of cupcakes, cookies, confections and mini pies from which to choose, including salted caramel, Neapolitan and chocolate cookie dough cupcakes; sugar cookies on a stick; fizzy chocolate bark (made with pop rocks); truffles; lemon, banana cream and dutch apple mini pies; fruit tarts; plus crunch bars, gumballs, swirl mints and lollipops. 

The event offered other fun activities for students to enjoy, including a photo booth and special guests, Mr. and Ms. Wuf.

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