Campus Enterprises adds text-based program to garner feedback

Campus Enterprises units are implementing a new text-based program to get in-the-moment feedback from student and the campus community at large.

Txt and Tell, a solution provided by Touchwork, will officially roll out in all dining and student center operations on January 3, 2023.

“For dining, Txt and Tell allows students to easily communicate with our managers by either scanning a QR code or texting the number 55744 with a location specific code, explained Shawn Hoch, senior director for hospitality service. “Once they’ve specified their location on campus, they can then text in their thoughts about their food, the service, ideas for new items, and any other feedback that they might have. Students can also use Text ‘N Tell to reach out with questions about dietary restrictions or concerns.”

Since Txt and Tell provides such an easily accessible way to communicate with staff, they’re hopeful that it will lead to new dialogue around the dining experience. Since the division will have access to a higher volume of feedback, they see Txt and Tell as a great opportunity for them to improve experiences and meet the needs of students even better.

“Previously, the best way for to leave comments about the dining halls was to either write them on the board in Fountain Dining hall or speak directly with a staff member, which might be intimidating for some students,” added Hoch. “Txt and Tell will open a new avenue for communication that is significantly easier and time effective, as well as potentially more honest.”

Initial testing began in late November and runs through the end of the fall semester. Until the program is running fully, students can approach dining staff about Txt and Tell and will be given a QR code to scan and then provide feedback.

Student Centers will be begin using the program in January, as well, so that community members can involve themselves in space and service enhancement.  Txt and Tell will factor into the Student Centers university assessment plans as they seek to create a clean safe and welcoming environment here on campus.

“We want to hear what spaces and services are currently being enjoyed and what can be improved. We want to take the foundation we’ve built and get the invested occupants engaged at higher levels.  This tool can help assessment inside and outside our organization,”  said TJ Willis, associate director building services.

For in Talley or Witherspoon quick service and questions visitors and occupants should still seek the Information Desk and the Student Centers Events office staff.

For more information about Txt and Tell, visit the Touchwork website.