NC State Dining implements meal plan management tool – GET App

NC State Dining is making things easier for students to manage their meal plan and All Campus Accounts. Beginning November 2023, students can use the CBORD GET app. 

Students can use the GET app to manage their meal plans and monitor One Card accounts, including Dining Hall block/flex meals, take out meals, guest meals, dining dollars and all campus funds through their Smartphone or online. The app helps students keep track of their spending by providing a history of transactions and an updated remaining balance. Students can also view and make adjustments to their current meal plan and even purchase a new plan through the app. Furthermore, if a student loses their One Card, they can report the card as lost through the app. 

“The app is a lot more intuitive than our current solution,” said Jennifer Gilmore, director of marketing and communications for Campus Enterprises. “We are using it to phase out an antiquated system and expect that students will find it a lot easier to use.”

Students should follow these steps to set up the app:

  1. Download the app for iPhone or Android
  2. Choose “North Carolina State University”
  3. Login with Shibboleth  
  4. Choose a 4-digit pin

Parents, faculty and staff can use the CBORD GET website to manage accounts and funds. Parents can use the website to deposit funds into their students’ accounts with ease. Faculty and staff enrolled in the IncrEDIBLE Savings Club can log into the website with Shibboleth to manage their expenses and add value to their card. 

In the future, students will be able to deposit funds into their accounts through the app. This feature is not currently available due to security concerns but is expected to be in place between late Spring and early Fall of 2024 once these issues are resolved.

“We are trying to give students a better experience by providing a one-stop shop for meal plans and transactional data,” said Chris Dunham, director of information technology. “The industry is shaping itself to be more customer-focused and we are following in line with that.”