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Sustainability Partners

We have created several partnerships with student organizations and professors across campus, including the NC State Sustainability Stewards and Zero Waste Wolves, to align our sustainability goals and help us achieve them.

Through a partnership with the Office of Sustainability, NC State Dining began reducing plastic waste by eliminating single-use plastic bags at the Atrium Food Court and Markets on campus. Reusable bags are now available for purchase at these locations, diverting more than 294,000 plastic bags from the landfill each year.

Culinary Horticulture Club

The Culinary Horticulture Club at NC State is a student-led group focused on bringing together students and community members who have a deep interest in the history, sociology, science, and culinary attributes of horticultural crops. Dining partners with them to present several “Our Table” seminars to campus that provide a horticultural background and tasting of the featured crop.Visit the site

Got To Be NC

As our local connection to what is happening on the local food scene, Got to be NC helps us identify groups and companies that produce, manufacture, grow and package products in North Carolina. Got to be NC also connects our program with local partners interested in introducing NC products to campus.Visit the site

NC State Agroecology Education Farm

NC State’s Agroecology Education Farm provides hands-on education regarding sustainable agriculture to students, staff, faculty and the community.Visit the site

NC State Stewards

Supported by the university’s Sustainability Office, the NC State Stewards are sustainability student leaders promoting sustainable practices among their peers and the community. NC State Dining works with the Stewards to reduce plastic bag and cup use, by promoting our Bring Your Own Bag and One Less Cup campaigns.Visit the site

NC Choices

NC State Dining works with North Carolina Choices, a group that promotes local products, to feature pasture-raised pork sausage and ham at the dining halls.Visit the site

NC 10% Campaign

The NC 10% Campaign is a local initiative to encourage consumers to spend 10% of their food dollars on foods from North Carolina-based farmers and producers. NC State Dining utilizes them as a resource to connect us with food growers and producers in NC, including sourcing menu items for our annual All Carolinas and Farm Feast meals.Visit the site

Recirculating Farms Club

The Recirculating Farms Club at NC State aims to promote recirculating farming technology, including aquaculture, hydroponics, and aquaponics. NC State Dining partners with the student organization to grow hydroponic lettuce for use in select dining locations across campus.Visit the site

US Foods

US Foods is an excellent resource in identifying local food on a scale that can be used in our dining units across campus. They continue to work with North Carolina farmers and producers to increase the diversity and amount of local products they carry.Visit the site