NC State Dining announces locations to remain open due to online course transition beginning August 24, 2020

With the university’s recent announcement that all undergraduate courses will be going online as of Monday, Aug. 24, NC State Dining understands that students face important choices about their plans for the remainder of this semester.

Though some things may change, our commitment to serving the campus is unwavering. We will continue to provide the campus with a wide range of safe and satisfying dining options consistent with student residential and academic circumstances, including:

  • Fountain Dining Hall
  • Atrium Food Court (Chick fil A, Smoothie U, Wolfpack To Go and Sushi)
  • Talley (Tuffy’s Diner, Los Lobos, Red Sky, Jason’s Deli, Talley Market, 1887 Bistro, PCJ, Starbucks)
  • Wolf Ridge – On the Oval
  • Terry Center PCJ

At this time we plan to keep several other locations open until further notice, such as Clark and Case Dining Halls, Wolf Village and Bragaw C-Stores, Common Grounds and Hill of Beans. For more information about dining options, locations and hours of operation, visit

Any student needing to quarantine or isolate in the university’s dedicated quarantine and isolation spaces can also receive delivery meal service through NC State Dining.

Questions or concerns can be directed to or  919.515.3090. We also offer chat between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.