Campus Enterprises Launches New Compostable Coca-Cola Cups

Through a partnership with the Office of Sustainability and Waste Reduction and Recycling, NC State Dining will begin using new compostable cups at its Talley Student Union and On the Oval locations beginning January 8, 2018.

The cups and lids have been purchased through Coca-Cola and feature a distinctive new design and sturdier construction.  Straws have been provided by US Foods.

This expands an existing compostable selection at Talley Student Union that includes napkins, to-go containers, and single-use bamboo plates from One Earth World Cuisine. These items should be discarded in designated composting bins in both facilities. New compostable products are the latest effort showcasing NC State Dining’s commitment to sustainability.  Landfill receptacles will feature new signage to help divert the new compostable materials into the correct area.

What you can’t throw in composting bins are plastic knives, spoons, forks or items from coffee shops. These items should be discarded in landfill bins.

“When guests discard compostable items in composting bins, that material can be processed into a soil amendment instead of going to local landfills. It’s a great way to reduce campus waste while also creating a valuable product for gardeners and farmers,” said Adam Bensley, NC State’s waste diversion coordinator.

Based on previous waste audits, NC State’s Office of Waste Reduction and Recycling estimates that new compostable products could reduce landfill waste in Talley Student Union by up to 15 percent.

“We are always looking for opportunities to move the needle.  We have a chance to make a real impact in both our waste reduction and composting education here on campus, but we need the help of students, visitors and staff,” said Shawn Hoch, senior associate director of NC State Dining.

NC State Student Centers seeks a goal of 60 percent waste diversion from Talley Student Union by 2020. “Sustainability is an integral part of the culture at Talley and Campus Enterprises as a whole. We try our best to be proactive advance the conversation on campus.” said TJ Willis, associate director of NC State Student Centers.

NC State Dining and Student Centers are services of Campus Enterprises, the lead division for retail and hospitality on the NC State campus. For more information on the Campus Enterprises composting initiative, contact Reggie Howell at