One Earth Honors Black History Month with Special Menus

Campus diners will have the opportunity to enjoy a menu of delicious dishes curated by NC State Chef Antonio M. Eaton at One Earth in Talley Student Union in celebration of Black History Month.

NC State Chef Antonio Eaton

Chef Eaton brings a wealth of experience rooted in a family steeped in Southern culinary traditions. His passion for cooking originates from a rich family background, particularly growing up in a large family under the care of his grandmother, Lucy May Eaton, who raised 16 children. The exposure to Southern cooking during his upbringing instilled in him a deep appreciation for Southern cuisine.

Observing his grandmother prepare elaborate Sunday feasts for over 16 children and their families created a profound sense of family pride within Chef Eaton. Over the past three years working at NC State University, he has endeavored to cultivate the same familial atmosphere in Talley’s main kitchen. By uniting the kitchen staff as a family and imparting his core values of family pride, Chef Eaton has fostered a cohesive and respectful working environment, positioning them as a formidable culinary team.

Through Eaton’s tenure at NC State, he has had the opportunity to collaborate with family members at NC State University and has had the privilege of working with a team that shares his commitment to family and culinary excellence.


Join Chef Eaton on a culinary journey to the Bayou and West Indies, delving into his expertise cultivated during his tenure at Tony’s Bourbon Street Oyster Bar in New Orleans.

As an aspiring chef, he immersed himself in the vibrant world of Creole and Caribbean cuisine, skillfully crafting dishes inspired by the rich culinary heritage of New Orleans. Savor the distinctive tastes that have influenced his culinary prowess and pay homage to the vibrant and diverse flavors of the Caribbean.


Savor the culinary legacy of Chef Eaton’s Southern menu, featuring a cherished fried chicken recipe that has been lovingly passed down through generations of his family. This iconic dish, initially introduced to the NC State community by Chef Eaton’s aunt Trisha and cousin Jamila Parson, a former NC State sous chef, captures the essence of Southern comfort and tradition.

One Earth is open for lunch daily from 10:30 a.m. – 3 p.m. and accepts meal plans, All Campus, payroll deduction and credit cards. For more information, including menus and meal prices, visit