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Meal Plan Options

NC State Dining has a new lineup of meal plans for the 2017-2018 academic year, offering students the features they want with maximum flexibility. Plans are priced per semester.  Learn more below and review our meal plan contract.

Meal Plans

Choose the Weekday, Everyday, or Deluxe Plan to enjoy an all-access pass* to the dining halls, Meal Credits to use at campus restaurants/cafes, dining hall guest passes, plus 100 Dining Dollars to spend anywhere you like. With the all-access pass, you can come and go when you’re hungry to our three all-you-care-to-eat dining halls and enjoy a full meal or a light snack as often as you like throughout the semester.

Weekday Plan


Dining hall all-access pass (Monday – Friday), PLUS 8 Meal Credits to be used Monday – Friday each week, and 3 dining hall guest meals per semester. 100 Dining Dollars each semester than can be used any time, at any location.

Everyday Plan


Dining hall all-access pass, PLUS 12 Meal Credits each week, 100 Dining Dollars and 5 dining hall guest meals per semester.

Deluxe Plan


Dining hall all-access pass, PLUS 15 Meal Credits each week, 100 Dining Dollars and 8 dining hall guest meals per semester.

We are pleased to bring back two of our popular plans for students who want the variety and convenience of eating on campus.

Block 150 Plan


150 meals per semester that can be used as Dining Hall Swipes and/or Meal Credits. Flexibility to choose how many meals you use from one week to the next. Includes 100 Dining Dollars.

Commuter/Apartment Plan


750 Dining Dollars per semester that can be used at any campus dining location with a 5% discount at the register. This plan is available to students living off campus or in Wolf Ridge, Wolf Village, E.S. King Village, Western Manor or Fraternity/Sorority Housing.

Meal Plan Comparison Chart

Summer Session Plans

$500/Summer Session

12 Meals-per-Week + 50 Dining Dollars

$385/Summer Session

40 Meals-per-Semester + 50 Dining Dollars

$250/Summer Session

Commuter/Apartment (250 Dining Dollars Only)

Athletic Plans

If you are an athlete on a varsity roster, please consult your coach on a meal plan option.

Available Athletic Block Plans are:

  • Athletic 80 Meals-per-Semester | $710
  • Athletic 120 Meals-per-Semester | $1050
  • Athletic 135 Meals-per-Semester (Non-Roster) | $1250
  • Athletic 150 Meals-per-Semester | $1305
  • Athletic 170 Meals-per-Semester | $1475

New Features

With our new meal plans we are introducing a variety of features to our program for the 2017-2018 academic year. Students will have access to more Meal Credits, two lunchtime meal periods per day as well as guest meals. In addition, students will be able to use a meal credit to purchase Howling Cow ice cream in Talley Market. Read more about the new features of our 2017-2018 dining plans.

Sign Up Now; Pay Later

No payment method is required when you sign up; just make your selection, and your plan will be billed through the cashier’s office. Note that this is not an automatic process. It may take several days before your selection shows up on your bill. If you make your selection prior to the start of the semester, your plan will be active the first day. If you make it after the semester has started, your plan will be active within 48 hours of completing the online form. Review your meal plan contract.

A Word about Dining Dollars

While Dining Dollars roll over from semester to semester, meals do not. Keep this in mind as you make your selection and consult our website to monitor usage or add Dining Dollars throughout the semester.

Unspent Dining Dollars will roll forward from semester to semester during the student’s enrollment, but will only be refundable for the semester in which they were purchased, when canceled by September 30 for the fall semester and January 31 for the spring semester.

Making Changes

Worried you’ve selected the wrong plan? Meal plan selections can be changed until September 30 for the fall semester and January 31 for the spring semester.

Meal plans and campus food transactions are subject to sales tax.

*The all-access pass included with the Weekday, Everyday, and Deluxe Plans requires that 30 minutes pass between each Dining Hall Swipe.

Meal Plans

Registration is now open for Spring 2018 meal plans!

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