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Meal Plan Options

Academic Year 2019-2020 Plans

All first-entry students living on campus are required to have a meal plan unless they are assigned to University Towers. Students assigned to this residence hall are required to have a University Towers plan and can supplement it with an optional NC State Commuter/Apartment plan for on-campus dining. (Exemption from the meal plan requirement is only available under certain circumstances such as those related to a disability or other special consideration.

Preview the meal plans below. Need more advice on how to pick a plan? Click here! Still not sure? We’ll have plenty of staff on-hand at orientation or you can call or email our office.


Signing Up for a Spring 2020 Plan

If you had a fall plan, you were automatically enrolled in the same plan for Spring 2020. Otherwise, review the plans below and make your selection by clicking “Register Here”. No need to get out a credit card; charges are sent to the Cashier’s office. If you have a scholarship or financial aid funds, they can be applied to your plan. Plans are priced per semester and billed through the cashier’s office. Meal plans and campus food transactions are subject to NC sales tax. Your Spring 2020 meal plan selections can be changed until January 31.

Spring Meal Plan Change/Cancel

Plan Options

All-Access Pass Plans

Choose the Weekday, Everyday, or Deluxe Plan to enjoy an all-access pass to the dining halls, Meal Credits to use at campus restaurants/cafes, dining hall guest passes, plus 100 Dining Dollars to spend anywhere you like. With the all-access pass, you can come and go when you’re hungry to our three all-you-care-to-eat dining halls and enjoy a full meal or a light snack as often as you like throughout the semester.*

Weekday Plan

  • Dining Hall All-Access Pass, Monday – Friday
  • 8 Meal Credits per Week, Monday – Friday
  • 3 Dining Hall Guest Meals per Semester, Monday – Friday
  • 100 Dining Dollars that can be used anytime**
    • Optional Upgrade

Everyday Plan

7 days/week
  • Dining Hall All-Access Pass
  • 12 Meal Credits per Week
  • 5 Dining Hall Guest Meals per Semester
  • 100 Dining Dollars**
    • Optional Upgrade
  • Most Popular Plan
  • Best Value

Deluxe Plan

7 days/week
  • Dining Hall All-Access Pass
  • 15 Meal Credits per Week
  • 8 Dining Hall Guest Meals per Semester
  • 100 Dining Dollars**
    • Optional Upgrade
  • Ultimate in Coverage and Flexibility


*The all-access pass included with the Weekday, Everyday, and Deluxe Plans requires that 30 minutes pass between each Dining Hall Swipe.


Other Plans

Block 150 Plan

  • 150 Meals per Semester
    • Can be used as Dining Hall Swipes and/or Meal Credits.
  • Flexibility to choose how many meals you use each week.
  • 100 Dining Dollars**
    • Optional Upgrade
Register Here

Commuter/Apartment Plan

  • 750 Dining Dollars per Semester**
    • Can be used at any dining location.
  • 5% discount at the register.
  • Available only to students living off-campus or in Wolf Ridge, Wolf Village, E.S. King Village, Western Manor or Fraternity/Sorority Housing. Great supplement to University Towers Plan.

**Dining Dollars roll over from semester to semester but are not refundable upon graduation or withdrawal from the university. 


Athletic Plans

If you are an athlete on a varsity roster, please consult your coach on selecting an Athletic Plan:

  • Athletic 80 Meals-per-Semester | $745/Semester
  • Athletic 120 Meals-per-Semester | $1,105/Semester
  • Athletic 150 Meals-per-Semester | $1,370/Semester
  • Athletic 170 Meals-per-Semester | $1,550/Semester


Dining Dollars

While Dining Dollars roll over from semester to semester, meals do not. Keep this in mind as you make your selection and consult our website to monitor usage or add Dining Dollars throughout the semester.

Dining Dollars are non-refundable, however, they do roll over from semester to semester and will remain active and be available for use on your Wolfpack One Card during your enrollment at NC State.

Summer Meal Plans

Summer plans are available to students attending summer school sessions, including Summer Start. The enrollment period for Summer 2019 has ended. Summer 2020 plans will be posted and active in May 2020.

12 Meals-per-Week Summer Plan

  • 12 Meals per Week
  • $50 Dining Dollars**

Block 40 Summer Plan

  • 40 Meals per Session
  • $50 Dining Dollars**

Commuter/Apartment Summer Plan

  • $250 Dining Dollars only**
**Dining Dollars roll over from semester to semester but are not refundable upon graduation or withdrawal from the university.