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Summer 2024 Meal Plan Options

Hey Wolfpack! Get ready to eat well with our award-winning dining program.

  • All actively enrolled students are eligible to enroll in a meal plan regardless of whether they live in University Housing, Greek Life Housing or off-campus.
  • Meal plan charges are sent to the Cashier’s office.
  • If you have a scholarship or financial aid, these funds can be applied to your plan.
  • Plans are priced per semester, and meal plans are subject to NC sales tax. Because taxes are included upfront, no tax will be charged at the cash register. 
  • Exemptions from the meal plan requirement are only available under certain circumstances such as those related to a disability or other special consideration.
  • If you are experiencing food insecurity and unable to afford a meal plan, please reach out to Pack Essentials for assistance at

Preview the meal plans below. Need more advice on how to pick a plan?  You can always call or email our office.

Summer 2024 Plan Options

Summer Session I plans will be active from May 17 to June 23, and Summer Session II from June 24 to August 1.

Plan Options

Block 20 Plan 

$370 + tax/session
  • 20 Dining Hall Meals per Session***
  • 140 Dining Dollars

Block 30 Plan

$570 + tax/session
  • 30 Dining Hall Meals per Session***
  • 200 Dining Dollars

Commuter/Apartment Plan

$250 + tax/session
  • 250 Dining Dollars**

** Dining Dollars roll over from Summer Session I to Summer Session II, but they expire at the end of the summer on August 1.

*** Dining Hall Meals are only valid at dining halls and not accepted at any retail location.

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