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IncrEDIBLE Savings Club

If you love the convenience and variety of dining on campus, sign up for our IncrEDIBLE Savings Club through NC State’s All Campus Payroll Deduction.  Whether you purchase your favorite Port City Java brew on your way to a meeting or visit a dining hall for lunch, you will enjoy the incrEDIBLE savings you receive with each purchase.

Just swipe your NC State Faculty/Staff ID card at on-campus dining locations and receive:

  • $1.00 off at Fountain, Clark and Case Dining Halls;
  • 10% off at campus restaurants and cafes; and
  • 5% off at on-campus markets.

Best of all, the IncrEDIBLE Savings Club is risk-free and easy to sign up.

How the IncrEDIBLE Savings Club works

  1. CLICK HERE to sign up for NC State Payroll Deduction.
  2. Choose a monthly payroll deduction limit of $50, $100, $150 or $200.
  3. Present your Wolfpack One Card when making an on-campus dining purchase to receive your discount.
  4. Your account will be charged for the amount you purchase each month, not to exceed your set monthly limit, and will be deducted from your next paycheck.

The charges will be aggregated at the end of the month and deducted from your paycheck.  You can set monthly limits to manage your budget, too!

Already signed up for payroll deduction? You’re all set!

CLICK HERE if you need to increase or decrease your monthly limit? Remember, your account will only be charged for the actual amount purchased each month.


Download the Grubhub App to order from campus restaurants

NC State Dining locations are cashless and take credit cards and payroll deduction for faculty/staff and visitor purchases. Our restaurants and cafes (i.e. all locations but dining halls) take orders and payment through the Grubhub app. To that end, you will need to download Grubhub on your smartphone and connect to the NC State campus. If you are using payroll deduction, it will prompt you to add that account as your payment method to ensure you get the discount.