Atrium Food Court

Food Court on Central Campus

Atrium Food Court, Founders Drive, Raleigh, NC, United States

The Atrium Food Court will open for the fall on August 10. 


Due to COVID-19, Atrium offerings will be streamlined for ease of ordering. Chick-fil-A and Smoothie U will be Grubhub ordering only. The remaining locations will take contactless payment. 

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Located adjacent to the Brickyard on the lower level of Hill Library, this hot spot features a variety of options geared toward today’s college student. New nighttime hours will ensure you’re fueled from sun up to sundown… and beyond.

The Atrium is also home to one of NC State’s most treasured art pieces: the Bromberg Mural.

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Chick-fil-A – Atrium

Chick-fil-A opens August 10. 

Due to COVID-19, diners will order Chick-fil-A through Grubhub only. Learn more here >>


This express Chick-fil-A offers its famous chicken sandwiches, nuggets, breakfast biscuits, waffle fries, fruit and salads.

View nutrition and menu information on the Chick-fil-A website.

Zen Blossom – Atrium

Zen Blossom will open for the fall August 10.  

Due to COVID-19, our menu offerings will be pre-packaged. We will only take contactless digital payment. Learn more here >>

Zen Blossom features fresh-rolled sushi, egg rolls, and a rotating menu of chef-inspired stir-fry creations.

Brickyard Pizza and Pasta – Atrium

Brickyard will open for the fall August 10.  

Due to COVID-19, our menu offerings will be pre-packaged. We will only take contactless digital payment. Learn more here >>


Brickyard Pizza and Pasta offers a variety of personal pizzas, flatbread sandwiches, calzones, and a rotating menu of tasty pasta dishes.

Delirious Wraps and Salads – Atrium

Delirious will closed for the fall 2020.

Due to COVID-19, Delirous will be closed. We will offer a wide array of packaged salads in our Wolfpack to Go section that can be purchased through contactless digital payment. Learn more here >>

Delirious offers a menu selection of delicious salads and wraps, or customize your own with a variety of toppings and dressings to choose from.

Build Your Own Salad or Wrap Steps and Allergens

Smoothie U – Atrium

Due to COVID-19, diners will order Smoothie U through Grubhub only. Learn more here >>

Smoothie U offers a variety of made-to-order yogurt and juice-based smoothies, as well as parfaits and bakery bars. Located next to the Atrium Food Court at D.H. Hill Library.

Sambazon at Smoothie U features a variety of nutrient-rich, sustainable smoothies and acai bowls with assorted toppings.

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Allergy and Nutrition Disclaimers

Allergy Disclaimer: NC State Dining makes effort to identify ingredients that may cause allergic reactions for those individuals with food allergies. Items marked gluten friendly are made with no gluten-containing ingredients. Effort is made to instruct our food production staff on the severity of food allergies. Because of the number of meals served and the number of items used each day, along with food product changes from our food vendors, it cannot be guaranteed that every allergen in the food served will be identified and labeled. The possibility that manufacturers of the commercial foods we use could change the formulation at any time, without notice also exists. Customers concerned with food allergies must be aware of this risk. NC State Dining cannot assume any liability for adverse reactions to food consumed, or items one may come in contact with while eating at any NC State Dining facility or catered event. Students/Campers with life threatening food allergies who may need to use an epi-pen should be carrying their own. NC State Dining staff is NOT trained to administer epi-pens and CANNOT provide or administer them.